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  • VISA
  • VAT

What is an offshore?

Offshore company does not conduct business activities in its jurisdiction of incorporation.

- It is formulated in a tax free environment.

- Minimizes tax burdens.

- It enhances oneƒÂ¢€™s wealth management.

What are steps to perform?

The steps are:

-- Contact us for a Free Consultatione: You can get in touch with us to order a free consultation hour

- Select Your Company Type & Jurisdiction: - Asec has the expertise to help you select the best incorporation and jurisdiction options as per your need and submit documentation

- Get Your Licence Quickly: Quickly After the payment confirmation, we will process all the paperwork efficiently and systematically

- Bank Account Opening: Asec helps you to find the best banking partner

- Visa Processing & Stamping: Finally, your residence visa will be processed and stamped by the relevant authorities

How you provide visa services?

We provide visa services and manage the application process which makes applying for visa an effortless task.

What is Vat Consultancy?

With UAE adopting VAT (Value Added Tax) from the beginning of 2018, businesses are required to make provisions for the same in all their business dealings. Thanks to our team of taxation experts, we can help you map your business transactions to the new VAT system.

How account and audit works?

We understand the importance of maintaining proper accounts in making a business operationally strong and compliant to applicable laws. Our network of qualified and highly experienced accountants and auditors help your business deploy the best book-keeping practices and adhere to applicable norms and regulations.

Do you proviee corporate finance consultancy?

Yes! Our team of financial experts not only handhold you in taking informed decisions across the whole spectrum of corporate financing but also collaborate in preparing the requisite documents and completing legal formalities.

What is creative marketing and how it works?

Mortgage finance can be a tricky and time-consuming affair for corporates and individuals alike. A long-term commitment involving hefty payouts, mortgage finance needs to be handled carefully.

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